How to generate revenue with social media advertising

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Why investing in social media advertising is effective

Social media advertising is an effective means of meeting the following business goals:

Considerations for effective advertising on social media

The following steps will help to improve the effectiveness of your social media ads:

Channels for social media advertising

After allocating a budget to social media ads and determining the business objectives and audience, the next question to answer is which channels to use. Typically that starts with a discussion on which channels are most effective for reaching your target clients.


According to Statistica, Facebook attracts a staggering 1.9 billion users daily. It remains the largest of the social media platforms.


Twitter is typically associated with access to the latest news and proximity to influencers and is particularly popular with a male audience.


Snapchat is popular with millennials, and Gen Z. Its ads manager enables you to create ads that target users based on their interests, behaviour on the platform and location.


LinkedIn is considered a professional platform for networking with users heavily associated with their job titles and careers. While other platforms focus more on B2C advertising, LinkedIn performs well for B2B.


While TikTok is one of the newer platforms, it has seen fast growth and a lot of interest from companies, especially those wishing to target younger audiences.


The list we have given is far from exhaustive. You’ll also find social media advertising opportunities on more visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, each with individual benefits. For example, Pinterest has an advanced search engine, enabling brands to promote their product pins to specific audiences without disrupting the user experience like adverts on other social media channels.


Social media ads are a powerful investment for any business wishing to grow. They offer one of the fastest and most effective ways to build brand awareness, create a list of interested leads and even drive direct sales for new and existing clients.

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